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These regulations explain the conditions of participation in the Red Clover Gravel Event organized by Andy Schleck Cycles.

The registration implies the acceptation and authorisation of the cancellation and modification policy of the registration and the event.

Completion of the registration implies acceptance of having previously been informed of the route and the technical data sheets.

The completion of the registration implies the acceptance of the ‘Discharge of responsibilities and fitness certificate’ set out in point 12 of the regulations.

The completion of the registration implies full acceptance of these rules.


1.1 The organisation reserves the right to cancel the event until before the start if the physical integrity of the participants is in danger due to weather conditions or due to a worsening of the pandemic situation in the area.

1.2 The organisation is not responsible for extra expenses related to registration such as accommodation or travel in case of cancellation of the event.

1.3 If the situation requires it, the organisation may make the following modifications: a) Modify the routes b) Activate alternative routes c) Modify departure times.

1.4 In case of justified injury, a medical certificate can be presented and a change of the participant’s name can be made. An e-mail must be sent (

1.5 No change of name or distance will be made one week before the event.

1.6 Registrations will be closed once the limit of participants or the announced deadline has been exceeded.

1.7 The organisation is not responsible for contractual relations between participants and external services.


2.1 All participants must be of legal age on the day of the event, otherwise, it is mandatory to present the “authorisation of minors”. In case the minor is under 16 years old, he or she must be accompanied throughout the event.

2.2 Participants take part in the event voluntarily and under their own responsibility. For this reason, the entity and the organising company, the municipality, the collaborators and workers, the sponsors and the other participants are released from any civil liability.

2.3 The participants automatically by registering accept the “disclaimer and certificate of fitness” which informs of the risks involved in participation and excludes the organisation from liability in case of any incident, accident or contagion arising from the participation.

2.4 The participant, when registering, accepts all the points of these rules. Failure to comply with any of them will result in automatic expulsion.


3.1 The course is open to other users, bicycles, vehicles, tractors, etc. Participants must follow the current rules of the road and ride with caution at all times.

3.2 In case of breakdown or any incident, on the nameplate there are telephone numbers to contact the organisation.


4.1 It is mandatory to follow at all times the course marked with your GPS.


5.1 It is the responsibility of each participant to carry the appropriate material to face the event.

5.2 Participants have the duty to wear the correct equipment according to the technical conditions of the event and the weather conditions.

5.3 The organisation reserves the right to prevent the start or stop any participant who does not have the necessary equipment.

5.4 The organisation recommends that all participants, during the development of the event, have food and drink. It is also recommended the use of sunscreen if the conditions of exposure require it.

5.5 The organisation is not responsible for any lost or forgotten object during the event.


6.1 The tests take place in fragile and sensitive natural environments. It is our duty not to leave any traces behind us.

6.2 The events take place in unique natural environments. Participants must conserve and preserve the environment and comply with the regulations in force in each area.

6.3 Participants must respect the fauna and flora.

6.4 Each participant must act responsibly and behave in an exemplary manner in the face of any adversity.

6.5 Participants may not go outside the limits of the marked trails.

6.6 Participants must respect the rows, gates and all types of fences related to the safety of livestock or private farms.

6.7 It is strictly mandatory to recycle properly all your wrappers of sticks, energy gels or any residue, including fruit peels.

6.8 Any disrespectful action towards the environment, fauna or flora will result in automatic expulsion forever. Caution: zero tolerance!


7.1 Participants should be aware that climate change in which we live makes weather forecasts difficult and we need to be aware of whether the organisation decides to cancel the event at the last minute.


8.1 The organisation may disqualify all participants who do not comply with the rules during the course of the event.

8.2 The penalties will be agreed by the organisation. The event director will impose the corresponding penalty according to the seriousness of the facts.

8.3 The organisation will expel any participant who shows or has a violent behaviour against another runner, official or public.

8.4 The organisation will expel any participant with a disrespectful attitude towards the environment, fauna or flora.


9.1 In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, all participant data will be included in a private file owned by the organisers, for the sole purpose of managing the event.


10.1 All participants waive their image rights during the event.

10.2 The organisation may use the images of the event for reasons of self-interest.

10.3 The acceptance of these rules implies that the participant authorises Andy Schleck Cycles to take photographs and filming of their participation and gives consent for the dissemination and commercial and advertising exploitation of all images taken during the event without being entitled to receive any financial compensation. In no case will they be used for purposes other than those indicated.


11.1 That I have read and accept the regulations in full.

11.2 That I am sure that I am physically and psychologically well prepared for the event because I have followed the appropriate medical controls to ensure that I am in good health and that I do not suffer from any disease, allergy, physical defect, injury or cardiorespiratory condition that would discourage my participation.

11.3 That I am fully aware of the difficulty, route, profile and distance of the event because I have previously consulted it on the website.

11.4 That I am aware that this type of event involves a risk for the participants. For this reason I attend voluntarily and under my own responsibility, assuming all the risks and consequences arising from the same participation. Therefore, I exonerate the organisation, collaborators, sponsors and other participants from any responsibility for any physical or material damage that may occur to me; therefore, I waive any claim or lawsuit against those announced.

11.5 That I have sufficient knowledge and technical skills to ensure my own safety, taking into account the natural environment and the conditions of autonomy of the event.

11.6 That I have the sports and safety equipment required for the event. I guarantee that the equipment is in good condition, that I have the knowledge to use it properly and that I will carry it with me throughout the event.

11.7 That I undertake to comply with the rules and safety protocols established by the organisation, as well as maintain a responsible behaviour that does not increase the risks to my physical or mental integrity. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions taken by those responsible for the organisation (judges, doctors and organisers).

11.8 That I authorise the medical services of the event to perform any treatment or action they deem appropriate at any time during the event. I agree to abandon the event and allow my hospitalisation, if they deem it necessary for my health.

11.9 That I authorise the organisation of the event to take and use any photographs, filming or recording to be made, provided they are exclusively related to my participation in this event, and not to receive any consideration in return.

11.10 That I agree to follow the general guidelines of respect for others and the environment, as listed below: a) To transit with prudence and according to the road rules, on tracks, trails and roads open to traffic. b) Transit, little by little, in the presence of people, animals or vehicles. c) Not to cause alterations in the natural processes and functioning of ecosystems. d) Not to deteriorate biotic, geological, cultural, or environmental resources in general. e) Avoid environmentally sensitive areas. f) Perform physiological needs in optimal places, or in any case, away from water points and away from places of passage or gathering of people. g) Not to light fires or cause fire hazards. h) Not to use or install any type of structure or element that leaves a permanent mark on the environment. i) Not to throw or abandon objects or solid or liquid waste outside the places expressly designated for their collection. j) Not to leave the marked route.

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